Ranor Haedrin

Monosyllabic monk who only trusts his half brother Eldearnth


Dressed in a dark gray, one piece hooded robe, with sleeves that come down to the elbow. 250 years old, 5’5" in height, 115lbs in weight. Has sharp, electric blue eyes, copper tanned skin with a slight green hue, and jet black hair that seems to just absorb light entirely.


I grew up in the Elvish town Neinora. I lived in my Father’s family home, but he was mostly away as an ambassador between Wood Elves and Humans.

I was never interested in doing work, or interacting with the rest of my race. Talking to them was awkward and difficult for me. The only person I could comfortably talk to was my Father. I spent my time instead walking amongst the trees around, learning to survive on my own in the wild, and how to strike with my fists with force.

I left my home at the age of 75, when I felt I could survive in the wild, away from society, without the safety netting of the town. Before leaving, I left a way for my Father, well versed in magic, to track me down.

I spent many years living alone, meditating, training my body to gain mastery over the movements, learning to hide in shadows, and learning how to carve bits of wood into shapes that pleased me, hidden away from society.

This was until I received a message from my Father; he had taken ill, and his life was ending. I immediately returned to my old town, where the last thing my Father shared with me was news of my half brother, . He told me that he had been alone since his mother died, and asked me to watch out for him.

I left as soon as i received news of my Father’s death, and headed for Neverwinter, where my Father said I would find . And find him I did. I knew he would be found in the prison from my Father, and that was where I headed. As I was nearing it, someone ran into me, and I realised as he pushed me away that it was my half brother. I immediately called his name, then grappled him as he turned around, pushing him into a dark alley. He continued to struggle, until I whispered his mother’s name and our Father’s name into his ear, and told him who he was. I then left him in the shadows, and walked out to confront the guards, telling them that I watched a half-elf ran in the opposite direction. I went back to my half brother and helped get him out of the city unnoticed.

From then on, we were inseparable. We were both outcasts from our respective towns, so we learned to trust each other as kin, testing each other’s abilities to fight and to hide. We travelled around, going wherever was necessary for Eldaernth’s job. The agreement between us is that he keeps the gold that we make, and funds my food, drink and lodgings whenever necessary.

Ranor Haedrin

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