Strath Glynris

Cleric of Lathander who is sometimes accused of leadership


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Strath was born the fourth son to a simple farmer, a situation with little prospect. To remedy this, Strath’s father took him to the temple of Lathander shortly after his seventh birthday. There he was given an education and worked hard, but his teachers thought him a bit of a dullard, so he was given more of the undesirable tasks, such as scrubbing pots and pans, cutting firewood and, when he was big enough, doing duty as the trainee paladins punching bag ‘sparring partner’.

At the age of fifteen, Strath caught a great deal of attention for using the Sacred Flame cantrip to defend himself during an ‘over-zealous’ attack by one of the paladins during one of his sparring matches. It transpired that being largely ignored and overlooked because the clerics thought him slow and stupid had allowed Strath to learn his prayers, rituals and holy spells at his own pace and the teen was much more capable than the teachers at the temple had given him credit for.

To make up for their failure, his teachers sent Strath to the Morninglow Tower in Daggerford. Here he was taught by Dawngreeter Laneren, an elf of great age and wisdom who became Strath’s mentor and surrogate father. It was Laneren who saw how Strath took joy from helping others and how compassionate and committed he was when looking after the sick and injured. Under his mentor’s guidance, he quickly became a well known and liked figure in Daggerford, as generous with his time and his coin as he was with his prayers.

Strath continued to spar with the paladins of this temple too. However, with his increased confidence and able to use holy magic, he was no longer there just to be a punching bag. It was his reputation as an armour clad warrior-cleric that drew the attention of the Lord’s Alliance. After being approached by one of their agents, Strath was keen to accept the offer and join the organisation. He thought that working for them would make him a true protector of the people and after a day’s deliberation he agreed to join them. Laneren disapproved of this choice, telling his young ward that the Lord’s Alliance were not worthy of him and that he feared for his safety in the darker parts of Faerun. Strath thought for a moment before replying, “What better place to take the light of the Morninglord than into the dark places?”

Soon after, word came that Strath was to go to the small town of Red Larch, as the Lord’s Alliance was concerned by reports of strange cult activity in the town. So Strath Glynris, Awakened of Lathander, headed north to his uncertain fate…

Strath Glynris

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