Princes of the Apocalypse 5th Ed D&D Paradice

Druids here, druids there, DRUIDS EVERYWHERE

Being a wolf isn't so bad!

After the shenanigans at Nettlebee Farm HoRLaB™ headed off from Red Larch to Scarlet Moon Hall where they knew the Cult of Eternal Flame had taken up residence. The 3 day journey was largely uneventful other than Garrett seeing the now familiar black eye and the four cult symbols beneath it hanging in the sky above the party on the last day of their journey. It was not visible to the rest of the group, which was strange and unsettling.

Once the reached the base of the hill that Scarlet Moon Hall sat upon the party could see a scattering of encampments around the hill that led to the Scarlet Moon Hall. The Brothers Grim set off ahead to scout only to stumble into a patrol of Fire Cultists and the usual melee ensued. During the battle it was clear the hellhounds with the patrol were extremely dangerous and had to be dealt with quickly. While most fought well, Ranor did somehow manage to punch himself hard in the face, much to the amusement of his brother, Eldearnth.

After the attack the party healed up and marched towards the base of the hill to discover a base-camp of druids. They seemed genuine and spoke excitedly about a rite known as The Giant Wicker Rite that was to be a cleansing ritual to rid the Sumber Hills of the ills that have befallen it recently. Sadly no such rite exists and HoRLaB™ knew this. Garrett was quick to point this out to the druids who were shocked to hear of this and packed up their belongings before heading off back from whence they came. They asked the party to seek out Gealdia, a druid they knew was trustworthy and should be told of this deception by way of a note they wrote. HoRLaB™ agreed to find the druid. All they knew was they she was somewhere to the north west.

The Brothers Grim headed off to discover the location of the other druid, only to find two encampments. One had a single elf druid playing a fiddle to two dancing sprites and the other had a female half elf druid with 3 rangers with her. The party decided that it was more likely that the fiddle playing elf was their quarry as the other seemed to be well protected and would not need their help. They were right and Gealdia greeted the party warmly.

She was concerned as to how so many of her fellow druids could be fooled by Elizar, the charismatic leader of the rite that turns out to be a falsehood. She asks the party to seek out another camp to the east where a friend, Collnam, was with 3 others. One of whom she does not trust and eventually identifies him as a member of the Crushing Wave Cult.

HoRLaB™ marched south to clear out the camp the party had decided was filled with fire cultists, and once again they were right. The vicious battle that started resulted in the quick execution of the fire priest and the slow whittling down of her guards. The fighting drew the attention of werewolves at a nearby camp, who managed to successfully bite Eldearnth. Soon after which the half-elf became cursed with lycanthrope abilities.

At the end of the fight all of the party had survived, but the curse that had befallen Eldearnth had started to take hold and he was not keen on giving it up. Strath was not keen on this and saw the change in nature his rogue compatriot had undertaken. There was a challenge by Strath who tried to cast a spell that would contain Eldearnth before he tried to attack one of the members of the party.

In reaction to this Eldearnth changed form into a werewolf and fled into the wilderness as he did not want to harm anyone, least of all his brother. This leaves the famed HoRLaB™ reduced to 4 as they face the Elizar and his minions.



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